About The Show

About The Funny Truth Podcast

Muhammad Ali once said, “Jokes? There are no jokes. The truth is the funniest joke of all.” The Funny Truth Podcast is co-hosted by comedian, Adam Jay, and his haberdasher, Gatsby The Artist. Every week we hang out with noteworthy guests who are comedians and/or other influential people and have interesting conversations that are sometimes funny “HAHA” and sometimes funny “Wierd.” If you are a fan of comedy and/or someone who enjoys learning, then this podcast is for you!

Meet The Co-Hosts

Adam Jay, Comedian/Co-Host

I have always been labeled as the class clown guy who doesn’t take anything seriously. But beneath that, I have always had an affinity for learning new things. 

I spent the majority of my time playing basketball from the time I was a little kid all the way until graduating college in my early 20’s. I never really wanted to go to college, I just wanted to play basketball. As graduation was approaching my senior year, I became fascinated with entrepreneurialism. 

I got my license to do life and health insurance after graduating, and I have been self-employed ever since graduation. Entrepreneurialism really left me no choice but to educate myself on all things business. Being in business for yourself with no money forced me to read and research things I never thought I’d be doing. In doing that I rediscovered my love for learning, and the more I learn the more I realize I don’t know anything. 

I’ve been told many times that I don’t have any feelings which is not at all the case! I just believe that through being in business for myself and growing up playing competitive sports, you have to learn to embrace your own ignorance, be in competition with yourself and be willing to learn. 

I’ve taken this approach with my comedy and attribute my growth as a comedy professional to the lessons I’ve learned through sports and entrepreneurialism. And now with this podcast, you can hear me, Gatsby and my guests have more in-depth conversations that are sometimes hilarious and sometimes more serious. 

Gatsby The Artist, Adam's Haberdasher/Videographer/Co-Host

I was born and raised in Arizona. I have been doing videography for comedians and producing various podcasts for a few years now. I met Adam at a comedy open mic contest run by another comedian, Eric Bernal, whose podcast I also produce. Adam was dressed up as an Australian guy named, Dwayne Wallaby, and drank a beer out of his shoe. I knew I had to introduce myself to him.

A few months later, we started working together for Lamar Mitchell J.R.’s show, “On The Mic Live” where I was hired to be the videographer and Adam was hired as a writer and co-producer. It didn’t take long working together for us to become great friends.

I told Adam he needed to start his own podcast for months, but he wasn’t really interested. And then he came to me one day and said the only way he would do a podcast would be if I was his co-host. Instead of being the man behind the camera, he demanded that I be on camera and have a voice on the show. Our dynamic works out great because I keep Adam on track and stop him from talking about himself too much. 

I call myself Adam’s haberdasher because he has zero fashion sense and most of the outfits he wears these days came from my wardrobe.

So now here we are, running The Funny Truth Podcast, and can’t wait for you guys to hear it!