Wiener Dogs, MMA, eSports, and Sports Betting: A Laughter-Filled Adventure With Ben “The Bane” Davis

Get ready for a laughter-filled conversation as we discuss our shared love for wiener dogs and recount the stories behind our own furry friends. You won’t believe the shenanigans that took place during a wiener dog race in Portland! We also delve into Ben’s involvement in the MMA scene locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Join us as we explore the world of mixed martial arts media and esports, including Ben’s journey from media correspondent to play-by-play commentator for UFC eSports and other mixed martial art fight promotions. We discuss the declining quality of UFC video games, and the small size of the competitive esports community, and share a hilarious story about Ben’s first gig as a commentator. Plus, we’ll ponder why some people are so disgusted by feet, and explore the unexpected hatred of Nickelback.

Finally, we examine the power of positive and negative stress and how it can be used as motivation. We also chat about the excitement of mixed martial arts, the world of Twitch streaming, and our experiences with gambling on fights. Don’t miss this entertaining and insightful episode filled with laughter, learning, and lighthearted conversation!

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Look for Ben to be commentating upcoming fight promotion events on UFC Fight Pass, including his grappling debut on Fury Pro Grappling 7 where he calls out the President of the company and gets his ankle fractured. Godspeed, Ben. 

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