Unraveling Hilarious Stories and Challenging Stereotypes With Comedian DJ Sandhu

Ready for a laugh? Join us on the Funny Truth Podcast with our hilarious guest, DJ Sandhu, as we share outrageous stories with each other while we have some time to kill before our shows at Laffs Comedy Cafe in Tucson, Arizona. We reminisce about our school days and discuss the controversial idea of arming teachers and unveil a wild tale of DJ doxxing one of his high school math teachers back in 2001.

Ever fake a marriage proposal for free drinks? DJ did! In this side-splitting episode, we explore the topic of masculinity, share our experiences of getting kicked out of bars, and discuss the power of PR in making people fall in love with brands and objects. We’ll also challenge the notion that certain activities are reserved for specific genders – who said there are rules for what’s manly or feminine?

Lastly, we’ll take you on a rollercoaster ride through the worlds of comedy, scams, and the illusion of success. Discover the lengths people will go to if they think they can get away with it. Plus, we’ll share insights on the importance of unbiased feedback in the creative process and the challenges of translating comedy when performing in front of people who are not comedians. Don’t miss this uproarious episode with DJ Sandhu!

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